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"Freddie Gibbs"
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"Freddie Gibbs"
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National Anthem


Freddie Gibbs

жанры: hip-hop
альбомы: Str8 Killa EP, Str8 Killa No Filla
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 728 просмотров
Back when i was younger, very ambitious but often blinded by my hunger
Some say i dream too big and my dreams gonna take me under
Beneath the streets of Gary, will i make it out i wonder
Will my obituary be the next they read amongst the
Niggas i came up wit and fell victims to this dope game
Poverty is stricken, so our economy is cocain
Ecstasy, heroin, marijuana, aint no hope mane
Absentee fathers and dope fiend mommas
Got my hood turned out to the point where a nigga wanna go an get paid
Fuck sittin on the bench, im goin on to the next lick till im goin in my grave
Then i figured out that i can make a livin off of makin words rhyme, it was all in my mind
Everybody in tha G with a finger-roll studio nobody had a flow quite like mine
But along wit the fame gotta whole lot of hate from the hood, everyday i would fight
Momma cant sleep cuz im way too deep in the streets, she would pray through the night
Every rhyme that i spits real shit, cuz its just another day in my life
Nigga better keep a vest test to my testicals, they'll be vegtibles if they dont respect the flow till im gone(chorus) 2X
One for the money
Two for the mothafuckin haters keep my name in the game
Im screamin fuck the world
I keep three bad bitches for all my niggas wave ya fingers if you feelin the same
Im screamin fuck the worldPlaya haters- Fuck em
Record Lables- Fuck em
Radio- Fuck em, hoe my shit still be bumpin
Never change my style up for any of em im stricktly thuggin
Lotta niggas made a name off of bangin and huslin but really wasnt
Ill build my name wit no features or some expensive budget
Go for mine cuz a co-sign cant coinside wit the shit im bustin
You see more clear when your pockets start to see that reduction
See how true your crew is never knew they was frontin
And i bet a nigga told you that whatever you go through he got your back to the end
When i came up on a deal, niggas that i never knew, out the blue wanna come be my friend
Then the boy got dropped and the friendship stopped, in a flash i was back on my own
With a strap on my lap and a stash in the back, cuz the fact is i was wrappin them stones
Got back to the rap cuz its all i got, and the Midwest streets need my voice
I dont think another dude can do what i do, so it seem like i aint got no choice
And the hoes gonna choose the dude that come through get em groovin and get that shit moist
Niggas know that i be runnin them hoes, never lovin them hoes, you be up under them hoes, i hit a bunch of them hoes and im gone(CHORUS 2X)Im G.I. thuggin, Im Chi-town thuggin, Im Detroit thuggin, one time fuck em
Im N.Y. thuggin, Im Illadelph, Im D.C. thuggin, one time fuck em
Im Inglewood thuggin, im South Central thuggin, Im Oak Town thuggin, one time fuck em
Im ATL thuggin, Im Memphis Tenn thuggin, Im H-Town thuggin, one time fuck em(CHORUS 2X)
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Это интересно:Fredrick Tipton, он же Freddie Gibbs - рэпер из Гэри, Индиана. Родился 14 июня 1982 года. Был артистом Interscope Records, но позже был освобожден от контракта в связи с тем, что его релиз так и не был выпущен. В 2009 году Freddie выложил в Интернет для свободного скачивания два проекта: первый, The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs, состоял из его работ, уже готовых к тому времени, а также треков, записанных специально для микстейпа и неизданного... продолжение
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