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The Past Is A Grotesque Animal


of Montreal

жанры: indie, experimental, psychedelic
альбомы: Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.2 / 1221 просмотр
The past is a grotesque animal
And in its eyes you see
How completely wrong you can be
How completely wrong you can beThe sun is out, it melts the snow that fell yesterday
Makes you wonder why it botheredI fell in love with the first cute girl that I met
Who could appreciate George Bataille
Standing at a Swedish festival
Discussing 'Story of the Eye'
Discussing 'Story of the Eye'It's so embarrassing to need someone like I do you
How can I explain I need you here and not here too
How can I explain I need you here and not here tooI'm flunking out, I'm flunking out
I'm gone, I'm just gone
But at least I author my own disaster
At least I author my own disasterPerformance breakdown and I don't want to hear it
I'm just not available
Things could be different but they're not
Things could be different but they're notThe mousy girl screams, 'Violence, violence'
The mousy girl screams, 'Violence, violence'
She gets hysterical 'cause they're both so mean
And it's my favorite sceneBut the cruelty's so predictable
Makes you sad on the stage
Though our love project has so much potential
But it's like we weren't made for this world
Though I wouldn't really want to meet someone who wasDo I have to scream in your face?
I've been dodging lamps and vegetables
Throw it all in my face, I don't careLet's just have some fun, let's tear this shit apart
Let's tear the fucking house apart
Let's tear our fucking bodies apart
Let's just have some funSomehow you've red-rovered the gestapo circling my heart
And nothing can defeat you, no death, no ugly world
You've lived so brightly, you've altered everything
I find myself searching for old selves
While speeding forward through the plate glass of maturing cellsI've played the unraveler, the parhelion
But even Apocalypse is fleeting, there's no death, no ugly world
Sometimes I wonder if you're mythologizing me like I do you
Mythologizing me like I do youWe want our film to be beautiful, not realistic
Perceive me in the radiance of terror dreams
You can betray me, you can
You can betray meTeach me something wonderful
Crown my head, crowd my head with your lilting effects
Project your fears on to me, I need to view them
See there's nothing to them
I promise you there's nothing to themI'm so touched by your goodness
You make me feel so criminal
How do you keep it together?
I'm all, all unraveledBut you know, no matter where we are
We're always touching by underground wiresI've explored you with the detachment of an analyst
But most nights we've raided the same kingdoms
And none of our secrets are physical
None of our secrets are physical
None of our secrets are physical now
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