Kiss My Ashes


Woods of Ypres

альбомы: Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.9 / 867 просмотров
To mourn the end is to say goodbye
Not to yearn for that which we will never have againWe cry for our life together - because we know it will end
And we try to understand, how we could ever love againSave your tears, at the end of our time...
We've cried enough in our lives, at the end of our time,
Just kiss my ashes goodbyeWe miss them so much now that they are gone
Took them for granted for living, so longWe read their words again, and we listen to them again
as we start to understand, what they were trying to say, all alongOhhhh, save your tears,
At the end of our time, kiss my ashes goodbyeWhoa! Kiss my ashes goodbyePART 2Curse all those who were so vain
Who felt entitled to hold a place on the earth
As a grave for their remains
But no monument for me, please... I am not one of them
I didn't need it in life, I won't need it in deathWhoa, just kiss my ashes goodbye
Whoa, when I die... kiss my ashes goodbyeWhen words become irrelevant,
And you start to feel as though ...you've been misled
Keep me out of sight, leave me out of mind...
When the thought no longer serves you, when I no longer serve you,
Just let the memories die (...and move on)Whoa, kiss my ashes goodbye
Whoa, when I die... kiss my ashes goodbye
Это интересно:Группа Woods of Ypres (город Winsdor, Ontario, Canada), исполняющая melodic black metal, образовалась в мае 2002 года и поначалу состояла из трех человек: Дэвида Голда (David Gold), Аарона Палмера (Aaron Palmer) и Брайана МакМануса (Brian McManus).В октябре 2002 года они выпускают демо-запись "Against the Seasons: Cold Winter Songs from the Dead Summer Heat" (лейбл Independent), которую вскоре признали одной из лучших демо-записей в андеграундном блэк-метале. Смешав... продолжение
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