Keeper of the Ledger


Woods of Ypres

жанры: metal
альбомы: Woods 5: Grey Skies & Electric Light
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.7 / 655 просмотров
It is a fair and noble arrangement
This business of life and existence
Where everything we take from the earth
Will be taken back and returnedThe face of god has always been disguised
As the mother / giver and lover of all life
But the keeper of the ledger for the cult of nature
Only concerns that your body returns on timeReturn to the earth, pay the price for your existence
Into the hand of earth's domain
For there is balance to be maintainedThe count is cold and calculated, the precision is exact
No one is exempt or unaccounted for,
All that was taken will be taken backThe gods have always been believed to love,
And care for the quality of our lives
But the keeper of the ledger for the cult of nature,
Only concerns with quantity of your timeWe create our myths of purpose,
To fill our lives with hope and wonder
But to the keeper of the ledger for the cult of nature
Your body is just... a(nother) numberIt is a fair assumption, of our human nature to assume...
That the business of nature... is inherently good(When) nature comes collecting, it doesn't care at all about you
Nature comes collecting, it doesn't care at all to know you
(When) nature comes collecting, it doesn't care to hear your story
Nature comes collecting, and only wants you for your bodyNature is the man (after all), nature is the mob (after all)
Nature is the business (after all), nature is the cult
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Это интересно:Группа Woods of Ypres (город Winsdor, Ontario, Canada), исполняющая melodic black metal, образовалась в мае 2002 года и поначалу состояла из трех человек: Дэвида Голда (David Gold), Аарона Палмера (Aaron Palmer) и Брайана МакМануса (Brian McManus).В октябре 2002 года они выпускают демо-запись "Against the Seasons: Cold Winter Songs from the Dead Summer Heat" (лейбл Independent), которую вскоре признали одной из лучших демо-записей в андеграундном блэк-метале. Смешав... продолжение
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