Gavin DeGraw

жанры: acoustic, pop, alternative
альбомы: Free
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.3 / 1263 просмотра
Fool you made the girl fall in love
You said those beautiful things
She thought you spoke things you meanCaress her skin like it's glass
She hears your voice making plans
And sees your face in her headYou don't wanna see somebody beg
As you feel her heart surrender you begin to fall
How do you say that something's through
When it never even started, at least not for youyou breathe her air and you leave
you keep your mind on yourself
and lie the glass on the shelfafter the heavenly speach
your body throws holy heat
the angels sing when our eyes meetit wasn't a lie but it wasn't true
i just wanted to make you feel good
just wanted you nearI wasn't prepared I wasn't thinking of you
thougt you could actually love me
it never should have startedShe's dreaming back on the past
Every opinion agreed
Doesn't know what to believeIt must have been for a cause
Our lives have so many doors
Don't think about him anymoreBut it was the kiss, it took me away
It's like he knew that I am fragile
He handled me like glassAnd it hurts but it;s what I deserve
cause I should have been more careful
with the others that I've handledAnd knowing this I know that he'll get his
But I don't want the man to suffer
Not the way I am'Cause deep down I know that he's glass too
And it really doesn't matter until it's happenin' to you
Everybody breaks, everybody breaks sometimes, sometimes
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Это интересно:Гевин ДеГро американский поэт-песенник, певец и музыкант, известная и талантливая личность.Он родился 4 февраля 1977-го года в Catskills, Нью-Йорк. Отец Гевина работал охранником в местной тюрьме, а мать была медиком и трудилась в клинике для алкоголиков и наркоманов (кстати, тема алкоголизма и наркомании затрагивается Гевином в песне "I Don't Want To Be" («Я не хочу быть»)).В возрасте... продолжение
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